Volunteers Come In All Shapes And Sizes!

Our Community Needs You!

Come learn why volunteers report feeling happier, healthier and  more fulfilled than those who do not volunteer.

Our First Volunteer Fair will be Wednesday, May 29th from  2pm to 4pm

Monarch House Assisted Living

299 Bullsboro Drive, Newnan GA


“Planning  for Your Future”

Topics include:

“Finding Happiness”

“Understanding Care Options As We Age”

“Do I Need Long-Term Insurance”

“Oh, The Places We Will Go” (Travel Options for Seniors)

May 30, 2019 9am to 2pm

Lunch included

Registration begins at 8:30am 

RSPS 678.552.9867 or amanda@monarchhouse.net

Location Monarch House 299 Bullsboro Drive Newnan GA



Come Learn to Play Poker!

When it comes to keeping your mind engaged and getting some social interaction, nothing fills the bill like POKER!

Is Poker Really Good For You?  YES!!!

Poker keeps your mind active: Poker requires focus, concentration and patience.

Flipping chips improves your coordination: Rolling chips across your fingers keeps your digits supple and nimble.

Poker ensures you have an active social life: It’s a well-known fact that being around other people with a shared interest is good for you.

You’ll enjoy a good night sleep: The brain power required to play helps you go to bed with a clear mind.

Join us on Friday, May 31st from 2pm to 4pm

Monarch House Assisted Living 299 Bullsboro Drive Newnan GA.

Call 678.552.987 or email Amanda@Monarchhouse.net to reserve your seat!